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About podiatry in Ontario

Both our clinicians at Markham Podiatry hold Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) degrees from US schools. DPM’s attend undergraduate university programs, and once graduated they can take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and apply to podiatric medicine schools in the United States. The 4 year program is very similar to the MD training in the initial 2 years, as often times the basic sciences classes are taught by the same faculty in the MD or DO schools. Beginning with the 3rd year, classes and training begin to shift towards an emphasis on podiatric medicine, and focus on foot conditions and ailments.

Upon graduation with a DPM degree, graduates are then required to attend a minimum of a 3 year surgical residency. The first year of the residency involves training alongside with the MD/DO programs and includes rotations in internal medicine, anesthesia, psychology, vascular surgery, cardiology, radiology, emergency medicine, general surgery and sports medicine.

Once residency is completed, graduates are then required to complete multiple levels of proficiency exams prior to gaining licensure to practice.

In Ontario, regardless of training or degree, all DPM’s since 1993 have been registered as Chiropodists with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. All podiatrists in Onatrio must be licensed prior to 1993 in order to use the title Podiatrist. Ontario is currently the only province/state in Canada or the USA that uses the chiropody model, and the Government of Ontario is currently performing a HPRAC review in hopes of updating the foot care model in Ontario, and ensuring that Ontario residents receive the most qualified and well-trained practitioners for their foot care.

Currently, while both clinicians have DPM degrees, Tej is a registered chiropodist with the COCOO and Allen is a registered podiatrist with COCOO.