Welcome to the new Markham Podiatry. Where we have lost nothing from the years of an established reputation for our patients, but made some changes to allow us to serve our patients better.

First, you’ll notice that our hours and days have increased, including the addition of weekend hours. This allows us to be available for our patients with increased flexibility.

Second, we have added new equipment to help increase the breadth of services with which we can help our patients with relief.

Third, with one of the only clinics with two practitioners, we have been able to virtually eliminate time periods where the clinic is closed for an extended period of time. One of our two clinicians will be in the office so our patients don’t suffer any lag in their care.

We’ve also spent a great period of time to update our website so our patients can remain informed at a greater level. I am a firm believer that an educated patient who understands his or her condition will be better able to understand the strategy behind their treatment.¬†Over the next few months you will notice more changes at the office, all designed to improve the patient experience.

We look forward to being partners in your healthcare. Thank you sincerely.

Tej Sahota